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Corporate Leadership Programme Available

by admin

Jorisma in partnership with ICAN John Maxwell Africa Co. are excited to invite you to our new product, the CORPORATE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME comprising of a multiple of our programmes already accredited with the Botswana Qualifications Authority. This programme commences with an assessment of each member of your leadership team using our online assessment tool. This assessment will conduct motivational maps that will assess the 9 key drivers for each of your leaders. This comprise of online questionnaires that will last 30 minutes and each delegate will receive a 15-page report. This report will be discussed with the Top Leaders. It will reveal their leadership strengths and areas that they need coaching or mentoring on. We propose for you:

  • A one-day assessment at your workplace with Motivational Map, detailed individual and team report.
  • Design a customised leadership development programme that MAY include elements of 360 Degree Leader, 5 Levels of Leadership, Winning with People, Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence and others.
  • Depending on your organisational budget, we’ll then have a 9 months coaching and mentoring programme “face-to-face” and online.

Contact our office if you need more on this programme.

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